Mathematics                                           WebQuest 

                          Math made easy 

            WebQuest is designed to help students develop problem-solving strategies in essential math concepts 


             Tutorial 1
               How to solve algebraic equations. 

                Tutorial 2: 
How to find the slope of a straight line.

                Tutorial 3:
                   Numerical coefficients in the equation of a line.

                 Tutorial 4:
                    How to deduce the area of a circle  using the 
                    PBL  (Project Based Learning)
system approach.

                 Tutorial 5:
                   Dilations of geometric figures.

                Tutorial 6:
                   How to work with Circle Graphs.

                Tutorial 7:
                   Parallel Lines and its characteristics.

                 Tutorial 8:
                    Inductive vs Deductive reasoning  
system approach.

                 Tutorial 9:
                    Taks practice  

                Tutorial 10:
                   Solve equations with algebra tiles.

                Tutorial 11:
                   Released test from TEA

                Tutorial 12:

                Tutorial 14:

                Tutorial 15:

                Jeopardy 1 :
                   About Functions

                Practice and hunting :
                   Linear Equations

                System of equations :
                   System of equations

                keywords :
                   Using keywords

                Objective10 :

                Basket ball game :
                   Basketball game to study inequalities

                Fcatorization :

                Expressions :
                   Algebraic Expressions

                warm up 01-11-12-11 :
                   warm up 01-11-12-11

                puzzle :
                   Exercises puzzle

                puzzle2 :
                   Exercises puzzle2

                Cornell Notes slope :
                   Cornell Notes Slope

                Cornell Notes Inequalities :
                   Cornell Notes Inequalities

                Equation y=mx+b :
                   Equation y=mx+b

                How to graph rational Functions :
                   How to graph rational functions

                Cornell Notes Function :
                   Cornell Notes Function

                Inequalities with 2 variables :
                   Inequalities with 2 variables

                Graph of Sin(X).Study of parameters :
                   Changing parameters of Sin(x)

                Quadratic Function.Study of parameters :
                   Changing parameters of quadratic function

                Multiplication of matrices :
                   Marix Multiplication

                Forms of quadratic Function :
                   Forms of quadratic Function

                Hyperbolic graph :
                   Hyperbola graph

                Graph rational function :
                   Graph of a rational function

                A calculus project for schools :
                   A Calculus Project





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